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5851 Deale Churchton Rd
Suite #20
Deale, Maryland 20751
     We love to share information about our fitness facility Body Shapers Club, Fitness For Women.  We have been encouraging and helping women find their best workouts to reach their goals for over 17 years. 
     We are a fitness center and personal training studio for women of all ages.  It is a perfect place to experience a variety of cardio and strength workouts in a warm, friendly, and encouraging atmosphere.  Darcy Cooper is the owner and a personal fitness trainer.  When you become a member, she and her staff will help you with suggestions for exercises to help you reach your fitness goals.  
Darcy is the instructor for the Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday night weight classes and also holds individual training appointments focused on your unique skill levels and needs.  Her specialty is working with women to ensure the best results regardless of age, physical levels or challenges.  She is certified as a personal fitness trainer through the American Council on Exercise [ACE].  Some of our clients are recovering from minor and major physical issues or surgery and we can help them continue the "at home" exercises recommended by their physician or physical therapist.   
     As a gym, we have top of the line equipment, including treadmills, cross-trainer elliptical, recumbent bikes, free weights, Hoist fitness system, stability balls, kettlebells, rebounders and many other tools for you to get a wonderful, challenging workout.  The staff can show you how to best use those tools. 
Your 3 month membership includes initial introduction to all the equipment and suggestions for workouts.   You will also benefit from our ongoing additional exercise suggestions and tips when you need it.  You will more likely continue your exercise sessions if your workouts are fresh and challenging.
     There are some who benefit from individual attention from a trainer.  We offer a personal training component and it is our specialty.  If you are the type of person who needs an appointment to make sure you get the exercise or are just starting out, you will benefit from these one on one sessions.  The instruction is planned exactly for you and your skills.  The trainer is focused on you and your needs.  Some of our clients have been training with us for years.  Others begin with a trainer and then transition when they feel comfortable on their own.  The benefit is clear.  You progress safely and gain an understanding of correct, balanced muscle use in the gym setting and in your everyday activities.  As you get stronger, your program is adjusted accordingly.  With the changing exercises provided during your personal instruction, you never become bored and are more likely to continue the healthy activity of exercising.
     We also have a "focused weights" class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. [see below or our "Classes" section].  We use a mix of body weight, hand weights, tubing, kettlebells, stability balls and mats.

     Our NEW Wednesday PIYO Live class is a hit!  Unleash your power with Pilates + yoga + non-stop movement! You'll sweat, stretch, and strengthen - all in one workout. No weights ; just results. 

     Since our classes are small [3 to 6 people], our instructors, can adapt the exercises to your skill and exercise capabilities.  If you prefer, you do not have to belong to the gym to attend our classes. 
     Check back often to learn about new contributions to our site, different exercises you can do, class types and schedules! If you have any questions or comments, make sure to get in touch with us through the How to contact us section of the site.
No Annual Commitment! 
No Initiation Fees! 
No Experience Necessary!
Three [3] month memberships are only $120.00
A 4 week session class is $40.00 for members.
[Adjustments are made for session length at the time of class.]
Class schedule:

Monday evening-
4:00PM - 4:45PM[focused weights]

Tuesday evening -
4:00PM - 4:45PM [focused weights]

6:15PM - 7:00PM [focused weights]
Wednesday evening-
4:00PM - 4:45PM [focused weights]

6:15PM - 7:00PM [PIYO Live Class]
Classes are scheduled based on enrollment and are catered to members' needs.  You need not be a member to join the classes.  Fees are calculated and paid by total session length.  More classes will be added when enrollment increases.
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